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Protecting your Business from Cyber attacks

With new cyber-attacks becoming more regular, including the recent ‘WannaCry’ ransome attack earlier in May, here’s how businesses can defend themselves from hacking threats.

Unlike larger companies, many small businesses and sole traders often operate without dedicated IT professionals keeping their software systems safe, and may think that they are not targets to hackers. However, undefended systems are precisely what may make hackers tempted to intrude.

A major threat to SME’s are ransomware attacks. This is where malicious software locks a device, such as a computer, tablet or mobile phone and demands a ransom to unlock it. Founder of information security company Protective Intelligence, Vince Warrington, explains that guarding against spam and phishing emails is ‘key to mitigating the risk of these attacks and to achieve this, businesses need to use a blend of technical and educational solutions’.

How to protect your valuable business 

  • Update Windows – WannaCry only affects computers running on Microsoft Windows operating systems that don’t have the latest security patches installed.
  • Run antivirus software – Make sure antivirus software is up to date and turned on. Windows has a built in malware protection tool (Microsoft Defender) which is suitable for this purpose. Run a full scan to make sure your computer is currently free of all known malware.
  • Keep a backup of your files – Regularly create a backup copy of your important files, including documents and photos that can’t be replaced.
  • Emails – Any emails that you receive from an unknown source with an attachment should not be opened, this is one of the main ways viruses can attack your computer.

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