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200,000 Receive Back Pay As HMRC Enforces National Minimum Wage

200,000 Receive Back Pay As HMRC Enforces National Minimum Wage

BEIS and HMRC are urging underpaid working to complain about National Minimum Wage (NMW) underpayments. Recent figures show that the number of workers receiving the money they are owed has doubled.

Within the tax year 2017/18, HMRC investigators identified £15.6 million in pay owed to more than a record 200,000 of the UK’s lowest paid workers. This is a staggering increase on the previous year’s figure of £10.9 million for more than 98,000 workers.

HMRC launched its online complaints service in January 2017 which is believed to have contributed towards the 132% increase in the number of complaints received over the last year and the amount of money that HMRC has been able to recoup for those unfairly underpaid.

The government launches its annual advertising campaign whereby the figures are published, encouraging workers to take action if they are not receiving the NMW or NLW. The government have urged underpaid workers to proactively complain by completing an HMRC online form.

The online service provided is a quick and easy way for anyone with concerns about their NMW to report an employer or former employer anonymously. It is reported that the industries most complained about to HMRC include restaurants, bars, hotels and hairdressing.

Business Minister Andrew Griffiths states:

“I would urge all workers, if you think you might be being underpaid then you should check your pay and call Acas on 0300 123 1100 for free and confidential advice”.

National Living Wage and National Minimum Wage rates

From 1 April 2018, the government’s National Living Wage rate increased by 33p to £7.83 per hour for those aged 25 and over.

The National Minimum Wage increased:

  • By 33p to £7.38 per hour for those aged 21 to 24
  • By 30p to £5.90 per hour for those aged 18 to 20
  • By 15p to £4.20 per hour for those aged 16 to 17
  • By 20p to £3.70 per hour for apprentices

For more information on this, visit: GOV.UK News


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