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The coronavirus pandemic poses a number of unprecedented challenges and impacts for many businesses. Pubs, restaurants and bars are among the businesses most affected from the ongoing crisis of COVID-19. 

As a dedicated accountancy practice with over 30 years’ experience in the industry, we endeavour to provide as much support and reassurance to licensed trade businesses around the UK. In this article we highlight our top five tips to protect your pub business and keep as many sales as possible during the Coronavirus pandemic:

Offer takeaway service

With increasing regulations on social distancing, customers are less likely to want to venture out to social locations where they may regularly come into contact with others. Pubs should strongly consider offering a takeaway service for customers. The Government has confirmed they will relax planning rules so pubs and restaurants can act as hot food takeaways to serve people food to eat at home. It will also be beneficial to prepare a delivery service, if this is not possible, suggest a drop off point to customers in the car park so they can remain in their cars.

Recipe boxes

One step further from takeaway is a recipe box service. You can prepare all the ingredients for your different, well-loved pub food recipes that customers can cook at home.

Promote gift vouchers

Look at offering/promoting gift vouchers and offers that can be redeemed at a later date. This is a great idea to improve short term cash flow and ensure you have guests visiting you once circumstances have calmed down.


Communication is key. Reassure your clients that you are taking necessary precautions and following all Government guidance. Explain to customers that their health and those of your staff are your highest priority and you are doing everything you can to protect them. Challenging times bring out a strong sense of community and your customers want to support businesses that they care about, let your customers know you are looking after them and they will do their best to look after your business.

Protect and build your brand

Don’t ignore your people. Keep in touch through all your marketing channels (social media, email, website) and let them know you are planning for future events and optimistic for the future. As much as you need to keep talking to your customers, don’t forget they are going through the same challenges right now. How you deliver your messages will say alot about your business and define your brand in the long term. Make sure you remain sympathetic and understanding of the circumstances, work together with your customers to remain positive for the future. 

During the uncertainty regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, we want to assure you we are fully committed to the health and wellbeing of our employees and clients. We have put clear and appropriate measures in place to protect our people and ensure we continue to provide the support and services to our clients and their businesses.

We understand the concerns that you may be facing as a self employed person or business owner during this time. We have compiled a list of resources and useful advice to help you and your business respond and prepare for any impacts of COVID-19.

UK Government – COVID-19: Guidance for employers and businesses

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