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On Wednesday, 23rd of March 2022, Chancellor Sunak confirmed to the treasury committee that the pension triple lock will apply until 2023/24.

This will see an increase of approximately 7.4% based on the expected Consumer Price Index (CPI) level for this September.

In September 2021, the government announced the suspension of the triple lock for pensions in 2022/23 due to fears of an 8% increase which would cost the economy £3bn. Yet, in the Spring Budget, Sunak announced that the triple lock will remain until 2023/24.

Although this is great news for pensioners, pension contributions will be affected by the recent changes to NIC. As pensions are much like a pay-as-you-go basis through NI earnings, the higher the threshold will mean a lower NI receipt and less money available to pay to state pensioners. 

The new full state pension will give pensioners £179,60 per week. However, the actual amount will depend on each individual’s national insurance record. 


Aegon Pension director Steve Cameron stated:

 “Renewed commitment from the government to the state pension triple lock will offer some reassurance to state pensioners.”

As well:

“Looking ahead, there’s a good chance that state pensioners will be in for a bumper increase in April 2023. The Bank of England’s latest prediction is that inflation might reach 8 per cent in the spring and could be even higher later in the year.”

For more on pensions, check out the Gov website – or better yet, chat to us about your pensions. 


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